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This is what made more in to books

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This is what made more in to books Empty This is what made more in to books

Post  micktam12 12/29/2008, 7:12 pm

Hello all ( first post Smile)

I just wont to say that at the begging of the year i didn't give two woots about books i thought it was a waste of time and it didn't give any pleasure. But when i was in my library on a Wednesday, and i stumbeled on the First Maximum ride Book for some reason i picked it up and read it.

The first pages where the " Don't put down this book I'm serous, if you put down this book then you will die" and so on and so fourth and with in 5 mins of reading it i was 10 pages in.

the thing that keeps so on the book is how James dosent spend 5 pages telling use about what is happening around the flock he just goes in to the story, i was reading the Keys to the Kingdom and i started to get bored with in the 3rd book because Garth nix didn't conserntrate on the story. And the way it is set out how only 3 pages is one chapter when harry potter as 20 pages on each chapter.

The maximum Ride series and the Dragon keeper series Are the books that made more passionate in to reading.
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This is what made more in to books Empty Re: This is what made more in to books

Post  Angel 2/7/2009, 11:00 am

I like reading before MR, but they definately made me read a lot more.

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